A Relationship is about the choices you make everyday.

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The inner struggles of life are real. There’s always going to be someone out there who has something your partner doesn’t have. This is the painful truth. Even that person, who you think has something your partner doesn’t have, there’s someone out there who has something they still don’t have. Another painful truth about life.

What I know, however, is this: we could define what we see and how we see it. We could define how we live every day. We could define the words we say and how we say them. We could define where our thoughts lead us. We could define whether we stay in trust or out of trust. All these are choices we have to make either consciously or subconsciously.

You need to wake up every morning and say this: “Am glad God’s given me a chance to see another day. I know there’s much happening in life and so I pray that the Good Lord gives me the strength to stay true to you whom I’ve dedicated my life to, to all that I feel about you that is true and to what I believe in that is right. Out of all the people in life that I’ve come across, I’ve chosen you. You are my best and I choose to love you with all I’ve got. Am here with you because you are the one I chose and I promise to stay true to us and fight through the struggles of the journey of life together. I know I’m not perfect, am a human man/woman. Yes, there will be struggles, but I believe we will pull through fine and amazingly successful. I love you.

As I walk out of this house today, I’ll be grateful to the Lord for seeing me through another day when I get back home, safe and sound. I’ll be grateful for the provisions of the day; the meals, the clothes, the shelter and most importantly you, once again. You are an amazing addition to my life. I promise to handle you as I should. For you are a gift to me, to my life and to my family and I pray this becomes my motivational trigger each day.”

Make this your personal commitment. Protect it with all you’ve got. And work towards the goals of the day and those of life having this in mind and heart. Because at the end of the day you are not only accountable to you, but, also to her/him, the promise you made and the covenant you took or are planning on taking. It all boils down to a choice. So choose how to be. Make it merry. Make it beautiful. Make it worthwhile.