A Writer’s Monologue

A Writer's Monologue (Patrick Steven Maunda)

Keep writing, don’t stop.

I sat there un-inspired. Still unsure of what next to write about. It was blank season for me. I honestly felt and knew that was the end of me as a writer. Then, I had some of my written works out. I just wasn’t getting the response I anticipated.

“Men, how do I pull through with this? I love what I do and would love to spend my life doing what I do. But wait, hold! Just being careful not to jinx it. It’s not working for me. There’s nothing in there for me. Not even a plate of food from a sale. So, if this is me wholly, how would life be.

Pages that used to be filled with words, slowly imagining them being washed away in tears of despair. Dreams that were pegged to the result of, the ink on the pages enclosed within the bounds of a case with an introductory name that shouted boldly ‘read me!’ were now turning to a plea of introduction “would you please read me?” Then I would imagine a spit by the one who passes by as they say “who’s got time for you”

My imagination. The master of all works, slowly creeping and looking into other opportunities now not focusing on what God built it to do. Then, the alternative also failed. It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t like picking a pen, scribbling lines that communicated a smile, a joy, a feeling, an emotion, shared wisdom or even dared to inspire. That was it.

A Writer's Monologue (Patrick Steven Maunda)
A Writer’s Monologue

“I’m done!”

Then another tear.

“So, what next?”

“Let’s be a carpenter. Smart thought. It’s possible. I just wasn’t made for that.”

“Okay, then let’s be anything else we can be. Another smart thought. Plenty of opportunities, in the brackets of anything. But, I don’t want to be anybody. Anybody is like nobody to me.”

“I want to be known for something. Something that matters to me. Something that feels like me. Something I love doing and being a part of.”

“Then let’s go back to writing.”


“For sure? But it didn’t work before. You think it will work now?”

“I’m not sure. Do you have faith?”

“I try to. But it always gets hard at times.”

“This is the thing. Keep writing, and don’t stop. It will just happen when its right.”

“But, how long will that be?”

“As long as it will take, just do your part. Even so, how would you know how long it will be if you don’t start?”

“Hmmm! Okay…”

“Let’s see how it goes.”

“But remember, one word at a time, one page at a time. Share your stories with the world. Don’t stop, until the day you will breathe your last. Then let your words live on. Keep writing, don’t stop.”