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My name is Patrick Steven Maunda. I wouldn’t say my life has been a smooth ride, if I did, then I would be lying. My life has been one full of pain and struggle. I’ve cried enough cries, shed enough tears and prayed enough prayers. I still pray though and I will always believe. I don’t count on material success and wealth as much. One thing that I know is this; God’s got every person’s back.

God’s got every person’s back, that’s all i know.


Yours may look different from the other persons, but the truth remains. He – the great I AM – has got your back.

On this blog, I get the chance to be me. I talk about the success and the failures, the party side of me and bring to the light the pain and the lessons learned, the stories shared and some of my crazy thoughts. It’s all in here, in the words. It wouldn’t be right, for me to someday part from this world having not taught, what I did learn. So, this is it.

If you are looking for the best selling author, I’m still not one of them. But, I will someday get there. I love to write, and when you read my words, then you are taking a journey into my thoughts, dreams, aspirations, lessons learned and my concept of life. The basis of all I write is this;

Take a clean look, into my heart, mind and life.


This is not a template that you may use to judge others, and it’s neither perfect as well. It’s me as me can be. Welcome to the world and life of Steve Celebrates

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Craft is taught and learned. What I see and love in this is the heart, the art of writing. This is what can’t be taught. You have the ability to use words to take what is in your heart and reach out and touch your reader’s heart. That is skill no one can teach and only a true writer is blessed with. Take time to work through the process of honing the craft of writing and you can fulfil your dreams as a writer. Welcome to the group. I’m glad you joined us. Keep writing my young friend.

Chris Richards // Author, Editor and Writing Coach


Projects on digital marketing and web development

  1. Alladin world of brands
  2. Weight Watchers Kenya
  3. Perfect Pics
  4. Atian Interiors
  5. WOFAK

Projects on Writing


  1. How she did it; A Son’s confession
  2. Quit Worrying About it; If you can’t change it
  3. Young and Free (On Going)
  4. In your Loving Arms (On Going)

Who is this guy?

Originally from Nairobi Kenya, born and Raised in Nairobi Kenya. In college, I studied Computer Science and Technology having spent most of my years in Kenya, with my stay share divided between the countryside when I was in high school and Nairobi during my childhood and college life. This unlocked a passion for travel, writing, and making a difference through writing.

I’ve been in the digital space helping launch projects like PerfectPics, weight watchers Kenya, Atian Interiors and presently Alladin World of Brands which aims to provide the Kenyan population with new affordable clothing. I’ve written two books so far “How she did it; A son’s confession” and “Quit worrying if you can’t change it”. I’m also a speaker, a songwriter, and a digital marketing consultant. If you’re interested in having me come speak or work with you, check out my speaking and consulting page or you could use the contact me form to reach out.

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