All I should have said

All I should have said - Steve Celebrates

We’ve had those special people in life. Some who’ve travelled to lands so far that we can never see them again. We can’t even track their lives and know what they are up to, because in the lands they are in, there are no social networks. The best we can do is imagine. Imagining them smiling down on us, imagining them watching our every move or even imagining their present lives wherever they are. The joy, the smile, the laughter. We hold on to a hope that they are okay and we’ll meet someday as we hold on to the memories we built and shared. Then we remember the words “Till we meet again”.

Good is rare, and when you get it. Hold on to it, appreciate it, and never let go and never stop.


There’s value to life. There’s value to every moment shared. There’s value in every word we say that’s why we should get over the temptation of saying what we shouldn’t. Once we master the art of controlling the tongue and the words that come out of our lips and even the kind of thoughts we have, about ourselves, our lives and that of other people. We take away a big chunk of life issues and we do welcome the life of peace both from within and without us.

All I should have said - Steve CelebratesI lost a friend. A dear friend. I should have been there. I should have called to check in on them, how she was and how life was despite the drift and distance. But the ego of “why should I be the one” was too much and so I didn’t until it was too late. The last I saw of her was in a position that she couldn’t see me, hug me, smile or even say a word. That was on the same day that she was born and rendered a gift to the world, that we had to say goodbye. Then came the sleepless nights and crazy thoughts…then the ingestion of the fact of how life can be at times. The dreams she had, the plans she had, the stories she shared. All but a memory now. Sometimes I asked why? Then the pain from within…then the tears. With no one understanding why not even those close to me. Then I grew distant for a while to try and find myself. I learnt to be happy, forgiving, understanding, straight with life, appreciative of what life has to give, content with what I had and built a definitive drive to my dream and goals and to be better every day. I learnt to love life and all it has to offer. I learnt to love from the core of who I am. I learnt to extend the same kind of grace given to me by my creator. All these, because of one person. It’s painful that she left and that it took her leaving for me to be better. But am grateful she’s in a better place and a world of peace where she doesn’t have to worry about life and all it throws.

When you love someone, tell them “I LOVE YOU” and live a life to demonstrate it. Make it your number one mission. When you hurt someone and you know you are at fault, be humble enough to say sorry. Show it and mean it. When you are worried tell them, you were worried about them. If they are constantly in your thoughts, let them know you’ve been thinking about them and how much they mean to you. If they hurt you, let them know in a kind way that they did. If you miss them Let them know that you miss them. Don’t let silence that can’t be broken be the definition of your “I wish”

And you on the receiving end, know how to receive genuine love and value it. Learn to value words that were said with good intentions and with a genuine heart. Learn to say apology accepted. Learn to discern the lies from what is true. Learn to be kind to accept a genuine expression of kindness. Learn the ropes that lead to a beautiful life. I’m telling you; good is rare, and when you get it. Hold on to it, appreciate it, and never let go and never stop.