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A Writer’s Monologue

A Writer's Monologue (Patrick Steven Maunda)

Keep writing, don’t stop. I sat there un-inspired. Still unsure of what next to write about. It was blank season for me. I honestly felt and knew that was the end of me as a writer. Then, I had some of my written works out. I just wasn’t getting the response I anticipated. “Men, how do I pull through with this? I love what I do and would love to…

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The Process

The core of who I am is human. How I live life every day, defines how the next will be. I may build the world around me on a foundation…

Grace and Beauty by Steve Celebrates

Grace and Beauty

I stare then I take a keen look, then gently stroke. It’s beautiful. It’s hot, so the skin is partly moist, the hair on the skin seems delicate, so it…

born to do it by Steve Celebrates

Born to do it

This goes out to every person with the passion to express themselves. Those with something to say but just don’t know how to phrase it. Those who when words of…

Story of my life

Story of my life

When I lost my dad, people said I wouldn’t amount to anything. Something that I’ve had to struggle with for a long time, in-fact pretty much my whole life. The…