Born to do it

born to do it by Steve Celebrates

This goes out to every person with the passion to express themselves. Those with something to say but just don’t know how to phrase it. Those who when words of destruction become hard to mine from their lips they choose to pick a pen paper and be constructive with their words and thoughts.

Those whose hearts have the will to make the day better for the next person, without having to gain anything out of it all. Those who’ve given up on their gifts and arts because someone said to them they can’t. Those that are stuck in a nine to five job doing stuff they don’t like, just to get something to pay their bills and see through another month without having to think of the risk of having to invest in what they are passionate about or even risk the thought of investing in their gifting.

Those who wake up after every weekend morning to go to a job they don’t like with a sudden curse of “Damn! It’s Monday.” Those with something to give to the world but don’t know how to go about it, but still have the push to do it. Those raised by single mothers who often downplayed the thought of “they couldn’t make it happen”, but they did and you are the result.

Those who had no fathers or a home to go to, just because of how life played out and still made it through to now, and you are still kicking hard life’s ass. To those who long to be loved and share love, receive love and transmit it. To those who just smile through the pain and sorrows of life because they know and believe all will come to pass.

born to do it by Steve CelebratesTo every person with a belief that they have been born for something and they won’t quit until they find and accomplish what they have been built for. To those who go beyond their comfortability to provide the best for others. To those who decide to embark on a journey of Faith not knowing where life will lead them to. To those who believe that everything happens for the good of every person and are sure that it’s the springboard to the next big thing in life.

To every mother or father who has a child they no longer talk to or is gone to a place of no return. To every sister and brother who lost something or someone of extreme value and they don’t know how to pick from the present to the next of seconds, mins, hours or even days. To every faded smile that was once amazingly bright than usual and was the face of all positivity.

This is the thing. It shall pass. The restrictions on life will loosen. It gets to a point where you are not shaken but motivated to do better. Training is compulsory in every aspect of life. At times it’s really necessary to be through it to feel it. Smile every day you get the chance to. Laugh whenever you need to. Dance when you have the ability to. Dance to the songs from the stereo or even a flashback of that beautiful music. Just do it. Be positive and see what comes of life. You were born to make your life beautiful or miserable. Make the choice, then go with it. You are your only limit!!