Grace and Beauty

Grace and Beauty by Steve Celebrates

I stare then I take a keen look, then gently stroke. It’s beautiful. It’s hot, so the skin is partly moist, the hair on the skin seems delicate, so it responds to the strokes, then it lays. It’s beautiful. Where did I come from? Why do I look like I look? Not completely perfect, but just enough to make me who I am. I am beautiful. Then I remember, I’ve seen another day, not because I am better than any other, but because I still have work to do.

It’s not like I should be here but I’ve been given the chance to be here. The bearer of life says to me, “another day, keep on going. Do what you need to do before I call you home someday. Then I envision the smile on his face as he sets me off onto another day. It’s just beautiful.”

Then I remember the many struggles, the unpicked calls, the tears, the rejection, the moments unappreciated. Then it hits me; I pulled through. Not because I was stronger than any other person. Not because I deserved it. But he had my back all through. That’s grace.Grace and Beauty by Steve Celebrates

“How many times did you mess up?” My mind would question me.  “How do you want to live the next day, the next hour, or even the next minute?” Then I would speak to me, “better than the last minute, hour and even the previous day.” Then I smile. A gentle breeze, a cold flow, gentle heartbeats, gentle breaths, deep motivation. I’ve got to do this, I can do all things.

It’s not like am the best, I’ve just got to do me. The strength to turn to the next pages, I don’t draw from myself, but He fills my cup when I run out, holds my hands and guides me slowly, speaks words of wisdom, and sometimes, send people my way. I feel him everywhere that I go and, in every minute, that I think of me and how far He’s brought me. Better plans await. I know not who I’ll meet next, or who next, he will send. He already sent me one assured gift, His son. So, the others, unfold daily. I’ll be patient, I’ll pray, wait in faith and listen.

Sometimes all I have is that and nothing more. I remember this and much more that he has done. That’s enough to keep me straight motivated all through regardless of the situation. There’s not much to debate about. Sometimes in life, we take it as it comes and change what we can when we can, with all the clues he sends to us.

I still stand amazed by how he is, all he does and how he does everything. It’s beautiful. I picture the sound of his voice, the smile on his face and how it feels when he is around. It’s golden, amazingly beautiful. Knowing that am not alone, through my walk of life, through every door I walk into, through every situation, through every tear. I stay reminded. I’m never alone. “I love you,” He says.