Listen! It’s time you listened to the truth

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When I say I love you, don’t take it lightly, because I mean it. When I say you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, I’m not bluffing about that. It’s real as well.  As I speak to you right now about all these that happening within me, I am exposing to you what I don’t share with any other person. You deserve the truth, first-hand truth. Especially from me!

I know you were raised through a life in which a man was defined as “a man”.  Over and over the same things were repeatedly reinforced, trying to get you to conform to what was and is still believed. Others you stand to agree about while others don’t cut into the definition of who and what you know is a true definition of a man.

So, here. Plain and simple. In black and white, my heart’s all out just to tell you this once again “I love you”.  I know it still doesn’t make sense because it a phrase you’ve heard all over. I’m not the first probably to say this to you, but kindly, hear me out for a bit. That’s all. I know it’s a phrase you’ve heard people speak, pretended to mean and walked out on it like it didn’t mean a damn thing to them. Excuse my language, please just a moment, kindly hear me out. I know you’ve seen people flip on their promise of forever we’ll be, in a twinkle of an eye. You’ve seen love turn to hate, passion turn to regrets, promises turn to tears and heartbreaks, words of truth turned and used as weapons against your heart and well-being, even.

Listen Image on Steve CelebratesI know it’s hard, hard as it was being vulnerable to the one you thought loved you but walked out, the one you thought you could count on but they flipped on you, the one you thought you communicate value to, but toyed with you and crashed every dream that spoke “I love you”, just listen.

It’s a few words. Just three words. Words, when put together, could mean a lot but try separate the words they mean different just like how they left you in scattered pieces and with none of them making no complete sense to you or any other person for that matter.

Those tears you shed because of them, I come to help dry them. I know I can’t erase all that has happened. But I can help you heal. I can help you pull through, and in the right way. I can help you build new memories, memories that we will both treasure in the coming days. Hope I’m not asking for much? All I need is a moment with you. I promise you will not regret, just take that risk of a moment’s investment. Let’s talk about this. I know change is difficult, trusting is more difficult. But if you want what I see that you want, it’s going to be necessary for me and you to talk this out because its time you listened to the truth.