Tales Untold (Confession Letter 1)

Tales Untold Steve Celebrates

I am a man, and just like any other man, there are things I don’t talk about. It’s not manly, they told me. They call it “being weird”. My best friend says it’s not an option for a guy, but at the end of the day, I have to be humane and true to my inner self. So here, I am in a fix in which all that’s within me has to come out.  It’s time I start being me, and this is the promise I have to make now to myself.  Being any other thing that’s not me is stressful enough, so am dropping the lids on not being me. Sorry!Tales Untold Steve Celebrates

Are you for real? Yes, I am. Are you crazy? Maybe, do you like crazy? Are you ready to open your life to everyone? Yes, possibly there’s none to hide anymore. Where will you start? I honestly don’t know, but God will lead my steps. That I very well know and believe.

Life at times is all about taking chances. Taking the beauty and the pain to create a story that will teach and change a life. Taking passion and turning it into an executable daily activity. Taking dreams and turning them into milestones and goals. Turning the fear within to a cross-able obstacle. Turning the tears within to a beautiful smile, because tears do dry. It’s about taking opportunities presented, diving into them to create endless possibilities, for others, just like you. It’s about taking love and displaying it, in its truest and purest forms. Because I know it can be done. It’s about dropping the payslip that’s given and creating a payslip for another. It’s about taking the risk of holding on to a dream, not only for yourself but others like you. It’s about telling someone I got you, and you openly and honestly do.