The other side of life

tangled Steve Celebrates

If it hurts, cry. Let it all out. It’s simple words like, “all will be okay” that bring back the smile, the joy, the peace and ultimately the best of you, though, it’s not easy. My first cry as a man should have been about my dad. But, when he passed, I was very young to understand what was happening. When I heard people say goodbye and my mum asking me to say goodbye to him, I knew it would be like any other trip that he always took. “He always comes back”, I thought and so I said to her, “Don’t cry, He’ll be back.”

That wasn’t the case. My first cry as a man was because of a lady. It was about love. I’m glad I went through it though. It was both beautiful and painful. Beautiful in the sense that I was glad I loved in genuinity. I felt what it was like. I experienced the core of how it’s like to love and value. It brought me closer to understanding the concept of love and also unmasked the hidden in my walk of Faith. It brought a clear picture what God’s love is all about. Then painful in the sense that, it hurts not to be the one, despite giving the very best. It hurts to be taken for granted. It hurts not to be of importance or priority to a person you hold dear, it hurts to want to move forward yet be held in the same place with no clear answers. It really hurts not to be someone’s pick. It’s so very painful. But, when it’s done…it is done. You’ve got to stay strong and learn to pull through.

I had every reason to be afraid to love and of love. I had every excuse to keep away in every way. But this is the thing, in the midst of all that pain and confusion, this is what I learned. It takes one person to cause a scar that deep…and in the present life, there are over 7 billion people on earth. God loves us all equally and wants the very best for us. He loves us with intense passion. No one does good throughout their lifetime. Even if people see good, there are those hidden dents that we may have done willingly or unwillingly that has hurt Him (God) in some way.

He has the right to be the meanest. Imagine the hurt from 7 billion people?! And through it all, he still says ‘I love you. I gave my son for you. All is well and it’s all taken care of. You don’t have to pay any form of price anymore. It’s done, it’s finished. All you need to do is just believe. That’s amazingly great. See, that was and is love. Something worth experiencing and dying for. It’s unlimited…unconditional and wants the very best. That’s a beautiful entanglement. Something worth giving into.

tangled Steve CelebratesThe lessons learned when we love the wrong people are priceless. They open our eyes, they open our hearts at times it closes them to only be opened once again with the right keys, we get to know what we want and help us set a standard of where we’d like to be and go.

Life’s still beautiful through every experience, through the laughter and that beautiful smile, through the tear and every pain, through the party and the grief, it’s still amazing and worth living.

I was walking out of the office sometimes back. By the walkway, there was a fine line of organized thickets. I heard a chirp then the flapping of wings. I looked keenly into the thicket to try and see what that was. Then I saw a tiny bird. Struggling to get out. There was a tiny thread on its right leg that did several wounds then entangled into the branches. Because of that, it couldn’t move. It seemed like it had been there for a while. I reached into the thicket, gently grabbed it, even though it didn’t seem to trust me and my intentions, so it tried to flap its wings to keep me away. But still, I held it gently as I unwound the thread that had it stuck there for a while. When I was done I got it out of the thicket and I opened my Palm, and there it went free. Not even a thank you, but I felt the joy as It flapped the wings to fly away. It was beautiful doing that.

That reminded me of how life was. That little bird was just like me. The thicket that surrounded it was life with all its issues. The thread reminded me of all the tangled mess I had in life that held me in the same place for a long while and that helping hand reminded me of how God’s got me, how he pulls me out of several things. In as much as I may fall countless times. He still reaches out to hold me and pull me out.