The Process


The core of who I am is human. How I live life every day, defines how the next will be. I may build the world around me on a foundation of love and positivity, but at the end of the day, something or someone will try to shake me from the roots of where I presently stand. The depth of the foundation laid defines the depth of what’s within and the magnitude of what comes without. So, like everything else, the foundation is key. A shaky one will give a shaky everything and a stable one will give the stability needed

Foundations are dug into the ground. The deeper they are the taller the building you expect to be built onto it, the shallower the shorter the building. You can’t put up a tall building on a shallow foundation but you can put up a short building on the deep foundation. But why go the extra mile of paying more for something you may not need and you don’t have plans of using it later. You could channel all that resource to something you may need, I mean really need.  At times foundations are dug, and due to lack of resources, they are left bare with nothing to fill them up.

Love and life are similar in perspective. It’s not a mistaken coincidence but the open truth of how the principles of life were laid out. The master of it all had the reasons as to why all in life had to be of some relevance to another. Love is deep, it’s not founded on a clouded analogy and neither can it be related to anything that’s misty in nature. It’s pure and strong. It’s beautiful and its foundation runs deep. Deeper than we could think or imagine. True love is built on the deepest foundation and it always has room to accommodate more than its meant to, and that sometimes leads to the end of what we call the beauty of us within.

When conned it has the ability to bring down the building erected on the present foundation and with no time erect a building that’s not meant to be and with a flip of a given moment, you see two different versions of what you thought you initially knew. At times it’s really important to bring in reliable contractors and qualified help to help you build the best you can or else you may end up burning your hands unreasonably. It’s best you wait until you get solid help.

There’s no better contractor in life than God. Build your foundations upon him. You may use physicality to please but if the person doesn’t have the true eye to see what’s truly within, then it will mean nothing at the end of the day. Sometimes all you do may not make sense but let the inner beauty in you bloom. Don’t let any person or any situation take it away from you. Keep the faith…keep the joy…keep the smile and keep the love intact. And when it’s all over, you’ll look back…and just like He did when he created everything and said it was good…you will look back at life and say you did well.

For every situation you go through now in life, it’s a molding camp to get you to where you need to be. Accept to be molded…learn. become better. Be stronger…and pass the love and the faith. That’s your foundation onto which everything you set out to be Will be grounded and that will help you become who you are born to be. Accept the process. Grow!!